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Paris, August 27th, 2018

"Sediver Smart'R Suite - Sediver Predictive Maintenance Solution"

Sediver successfully launched its Predictive Maintenance Solution, Sediver Smart’R Suite, during last CIGRE convention in Paris on August 27th.
Sediver Digital Solution can help you secure higher service rate.
Discover how to streamline your maintenance activities and reduce your total costs of ownership.

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June 4th, 2018

"Brazil Belo Monte HVDC transmission lines:
100% toughened glass technology, 100% Sediver insulators"

The Belo Monte Hydro Power Plant (11,233 MW) contributes to powering Brazil biggest economical hub with its 2 HVDC 800 kV transmission lines.
They are respectively called Belo Monte (BMTE) and Xingu-Rio transmission lines and are operated on a 30-year concession.

  • The 1st Belo Monte bi-pole is a 2,100 km long transmission lines that required 350,000 units and is now in operation.
  • The 2nd bi-pole Xingu-Rio, is a 2,500 km long line and will be in operation by late 2020.

Sediver Brazil won both contracts for the supply of these 2 transmission lines:
Toughened glass was chosen as the exclusive technology for these 2 HVDC lines and Sediver as the exclusive partner.

This is the most important project in Sediver Brazil history (Electrovidro) as it stands as the longest Transmission Lines project in the Americas and the 2nd longest in the world - just behind the line in China: 3,400 km - 1,100 kV HVDC.

Sediver Brazil delivered the most important contract in its history.


Nanterre, December 5th, 2017

“SEDIVER reached an agreement with the World Bank to settle a claim from a 2010 WB financed project”

In 2010 SEDIVER was selected as a component supplier for a transmission line project in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). During the selection process SEDIVER made improper indirect payments to an employee of a consulting company to influence the tender process.

During the investigation SEDIVER’s and SEVES’s management team fully cooperated to the highest level with the World Bank’s investigation team and took proactive voluntary corrective actions in organization, processes and its compliance management system.

According to the Negotiated Resolution Agreement (NRA) which was signed between the World Bank and SEVES, and is effective from 4th of December 2017:

  • SEDIVER SAS, the French subsidiary of the Italian parent company SEDIVER SpA is precluded from participating in World Bank financed projects for a period of 2 years starting from the effective date.
  • SEDIVER SpA and its other subsidiaries in China, North- and South America are not debarred and remain eligible to participate in World Bank financed projects.
  • SEDIVER SAS, SEDIVER SpA and its affiliates will continue to improve and respect their Compliance Management System consistent with the World Bank’s requirement.
  • SEVES will pay a financial remedy of 6.8 Mio€ to the DRC.

SEVES is fully committed to continue to serve its global customers with its superior products and services while respecting its highest standard ethical and compliance policies.

For any questions please refer to Judith Villié, Chief Compliance Officer SEVES Group S.à r.l.

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Florence, October 14th, 2014

Seves Group reached an important milestone to further globalize and grow its global businesses.

Seves Group the world's leading manufacturer of high voltage electrical insulators and glass blocks for architectural and interior design applications was recently acquired by Funds advised by Triton Partners.

With this transaction Seves has completed a long and complex industrial- and financial restructuring process. The operational results of the company have always been positive and grown over the last years due to a footprint optimization and other productivity measures. Now with a solid balance sheet and a stable new ownership as well as strong customer- and suppliers relationships the group will continue its successful development and grow into new markets, product segments and will also explore potential acquisition opportunities.

“The Seves Group operates in niche markets which will play an important role to address some megatrends with global growth opportunities. Triton looks forward to supporting the management team in developing the company further”, said Peder Prahl, Director of the General Partner of the Triton funds. "This transaction is an important milestone for Seves, enabling us to execute our strategy to further grow and globalize our business and to focus on the development of new innovative products”, added Peter Baumgartner, Chief Executive Officer of Seves Group.


Seves description

The Seves Group generates revenues of more than 330 Mio€ and employs 2.600 people around the world. The group is organized in 3 independent business units coordinated through a central corporate office in Luxemburg. Sediver with its headquarters in Paris is the global leader in toughened glass electrical insulators for power Transmission & Distribution lines. With 900 employees in factories, laboratories and sales offices in China, Europe, North- and South America, Sediver is serving leading utility customers across all continents. PPC is one of leading global manufacturers of porcelain insulators for substations as well as for transmission & distribution lines. With more than 1400 employees in 7 factories in Europe Asia and South America and its headquarters in Vienna, PPC is serving leading OEMs and utility customers around the world. Seves Glass Blocks is the world largest manufacturer of glass blocks for architectural and interior design applications. In its state of the art factory in Duchcov Czech Republic 30 Mio glass blocks are manufactured per year and distributed under the brand names Vitrablok, Vetroarredo and Solaris through a sales office in Florence Italy and a global network of agents to customers around the world.
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