2008, 1,000 kV Jindongnan-Nanyang–Jinmen | China

For the 1st 1,000 kV AC line in service in the world, unprecedented innovations and technical capabilities were deployed by all partners to deliver a sustainable and environment friendly project with uncompromised reliability.

Challenge: building the 1st 1,000kV AC line in the world

1,000kV AC Jindongnan-Nanyang-Jinmen transmission line is the 1st UHV AC demonstration project in China. This UHVAC pilot project has reached unprecedented height in terms of its design and self-independent innovation of technical equipment. The pilot project was set with an aim to be an“environment friendly project which shares harmony with the society “fully optimizing economic resources allocation, and meanwhile fostering the upgrading of grid technology and equipment manufacturing capability”.

What we delivered

Sediver developed an extra high mechanical strength insulator of 550kN to meet the specific needs of the Chinese Utility for this project. In 2008, Sediver was chosen for the reliability of its products to deliver more than 20,000 insulators.

After 18 months of operations, the operation department certified that there had been no shattering on Sediver insulators nor any pollution-related flashovers. After 9 years of operation, it confirmed SEDIVER its unrivalled reliability with only 0.1/10 000 annual self-broken rate (vs. 1/10 000 required by the Utility).