Sediver Background

Technical assistance

Our experts in the lab are the experts at your side

The extensive knowledge that we gained over 70 years from the field and pure research doesn’t stay in the lab. We extend it to our customers through world-class consultancy.

  • Supporting engineers in the choice of insulating solutions for new transmission lines and for line upgrading
    Conducting assessments to determine the life expectancy of existing assets
  • Testing and evaluating programs in our laboratories and/or external labs
  • Optimizing tower design by selection of insulation solution
  • Conducting dielectric and RIV performance of special string/tower configurations
  • Solving technical issues related to the operating conditions of the lines
  • Conducting site audits, measuring pollution, evaluating field conditions and aging of the material
  • Developing joint research programs on specific line insulation design, line performance problems
  • Providing diagnostics allowing to anticipate decision about the reliability of the transmission systems