At SEDIVER we are committed to bring energy to everyone with the lowest environmental impact. With our motto Experts & Pioneers deeply rooted in our culture, you can rely on the expertise, experience and full dedication of our teams to deliver major projects to support economy development, grid security and energy transition.

With the long-lasting trust of our customers and partners, let us continue the journey towards a more sustainable world.




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Sediver is a global technical expert in overhead line insulator technology

Thanks to decades of excellence in research, engineering, production and service, in addition to the millions of insulators in service guaranteeing impeccable performance across the globe, Sediver has gained a reputation for unrivaled technical expertise and innovation. As pioneers, we are leading the way towards more efficient and reliable power lines.s

90 years

Experience in insulation

600 + million

Insulators Delivered worldwide

120 + active patents

Pioneering innovation

800 people

Dedicated & committed

150 countries

Trusting us

10 million

Insulators per year

Partner for challenging projects up to 1,000 kV

Worldwide locations

A unique worldwide footprint to be at your side in all situations


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Management team



Benoît Poulain


Judith Villié

Legal & Compliance

Jean-Marie George

Research & Development

Jérôme Rouger

Operation & Supply Chain

Michel Moulin

EMEA & Asia Pacific

Cleber Angelo


Paolo Daneu



Milestones and key decisions

From a bottle French maker to a global leader serving the energy market transformation by providing high-end solutions that optimize transmission network performance and management.
Company sediver - 1898


Beginning of the production of glass bottles at the historical furnace of St Yorre - France

Company sediver - 1929


1st glass insulator produced in St Yorre furnace by Electroverre: annealed glass for low and medium voltage distribution applications

Company sediver - 1947


Development of the toughening process for insulator, imparting higher mechanical properties to the glass and allowing to resist higher mechanical strength

Company sediver - 1957


EDF, the French Utility, convinced by the unique properties of toughened glass decides to use glass insulators on its high voltage overhead line system

Company sediver - 1959


Creation of Sediver through the merger of 3 French companies : Electroverre, Nordverre et Verreries Paul Laurent

Company sediver - 1960-70


Sediver supplies 100% of the French Utility needs for its high voltage overhead line system

Company sediver - 1962


Sediver invests heavily in innovation by creating a large R&D department in St Yorre - France

Company sediver - 1967


1st composite insulator for overhead lines

Company sediver - 1968


Sediver begins its international development by establishing its first subsidiary in the USA.

Company sediver - 1977


Sediver continues its global expansion with the creation of Electrovidro in Brazil

Company sediver - 1985


Sediver invents the High Resistivity Toughened Glass formulation for HVDC application

Company sediver - 1994


Widening its footprint to Asia with the creation of the first joint-venture company in China

Company sediver - 2002


Reinforcing its position on the market through the merger with Dielve, the Italian insulator manufacturer

Company sediver - 2012


Sediver decides to refocus on its core business, the toughened glass insulator

Company sediver - 2017


Sediver USA glass assembly plant starts operations in West Memphis

Company sediver - 2018


Launch of a digital solution for predictive maintenance : Sediver Smart’R Suite

Company sediver - 2019


Creation of Sediver Algeria

Company sediver - 2020


Reinforcing our CSR ambition, Shanghai factory ISO 50 001

Company sediver - 2021


Expansion of our furnace capacity in Italy

Company sediver - 2022


Solar panels installation in Shanghai


Our values

Sediver value - Pursuing excellence with passion

Pursuing excellence with passion

Sediver value - Leading by example

Leading by example

Sediver value - Always going further

Always going further

Sediver value - Sharing knowledge

Sharing knowledge


Leading by example is one of Sediver’s core values

One of our core values is to lead by example, delivering the highest standard in business ethics and compliance with our customers, business partners and suppliers.

Every Sediver employee is committed to the application of our Compliance Management System to ensure our successful and sustainable future.


Contributing to Sustainable development, Health and Safety

We understand that our activites have an impact on the environment and on the people and communities where we operate. Developing environmentally friendly activites with the safest possible working conditions on our sites, is a strong commitment and a priority at Sediver.

Our shareholder

Sediver Group has been owned by Triton Partners since 2014

Triton Partners is an international investment firm, founded in 1997. The company seeks to contribute to building better businesses for the longer term through partnership. Since its founding, Triton has completed more than 60 investments and supported more than 260 acquisitions.

Pursuing excellence with passion

Sediver’s team is dedicated to delivering top quality products and services

“We are always following the advanced technology trends on engineering to make sure our plants are the best, harmonizing and constantly improving our processes to make sure each insulator leaving a Sediver factory has the same and best possible quality standard. Of course, it is not only about technologies, it is about people and giving them the best training and inspiration. When both technology and people match, that’s when you obtain the best!”

Jérôme Rouger

Operation director

Leading by example

Sediver commits to the highest standards in business ethics, compliance, quality, safety, social and environmental matter

“Safety is a critical part of our Assembly plant. Each morning at the start of the employee shift or whenever I’m on the plant floor, I ensure that I have the correct Personal Protective Equipment as well as comply with all safety rules. It is important to me to set a good example for employees as a member of the management team.” Read more about compliance

Samantha Wynne Dahmer

HR Business Partner | North America

Always going further

Sediver constantly develops new processes, technologies, products & services to enhance transmission projects

“Today the world insulator industry is full of competition. Being a company with more than 100 years history, Sediver is always striving to be the pioneer in the industry. In this big family, people are eager to learn, to share and to collaborate. Adequate knowledge exchange and free communication build up expertise and teamworking attitude, which are the prime driving force for Sediver to continue to be the undisputable leader in the global market.”

Lian Xiang

China Technical Assistance Engineer

Sharing knowledge

Sediver constantly shares its unique and broad technical expertise with its customers and partners

“I’ve often read corporate mission statements and values wondering if they are truly representational of their organizations. In Sediver’s case, there’s no doubt our values are fitting. Rare is the singular focus we have on our product and with this comes a depth of knowledge incomparable in the industry. In my capacity as Technical Support, I rely heavily on this collective expertise, allowing us to provide the utmost support to our customers. This collective knowledge is graciously offered without pretense, motivated only by the desire to extend our know-how to our clients and colleagues. »

Alex Matte

North America Technical Assistance Manager