HVAC application - Sediver

HVAC application

Sediver toughened glass insulators

Sediver exclusive manufacturing processes, stringent quality criteria and procedures result in outstanding reliability and performance on line, which in turn guarantee the lowest life cycle cost solution.

Sediver insulators: more than a standardized insulator

Sediver insulators are not only designed to comply with the minimum requirements of the applicable standards. They are defined by Sediver internal superior quality requirements for a higher level of performance in service.

Sediver made up a proprietary conception of glass insulators using high strength aluminous cement with a specific hot curing process that confers unique mechanical and residual strength as well as mechanical stability over time.

Main advantages

  • Long term electrical and mechanical reliability: no ageing over time. The life time of Sediver glass insulators exceeds the life time of conductors, hardware and structure
  • Reduced inspection and maintenance costs
  • Ease and reliability of visual inspection, no risk of hidden defects
  • Lowest shattering rate of the industry thanks to the high purity of Sediver glass
  • High residual mechanical strength
  • Safe live-line working


4 profiles, each with a special combination of characteristics:

Standard profile

In clean and mild pollution environment

Fog type profile

In heavy polluted areas

Open profile

In desert area

Outerib profile

In heavy polluted areas with solid pollution

Mechanical rating

From 70 kN up to 840 kN

For voltage up to

1 000 kV


  • 70 years to 1 000 kV
  • 600+ million insulators
  • In operation in 150 countries