Crossing over the Bosphorus | Turkey

Like for railways which have become legendary because, at some time, they contributed to the history of mankind, some electrical power lines are also symbolic landmarks. The high voltage overhead line crossing the Bosporus is one of these.

Addressing river crossings across the world

In the 1970s, TEK planned to build a line crossing the Bosphorus in Turkey with a 380 kV line connecting a power station in Anatolia with the “European” side of Turkey. Because of heavy maritime traffic, the conductor had to be at least 70m above seal level and the spann crossing the waters had to be 3.1 km long.

What we delivered

The project involved major technical challenges and required the development of new products, new characteristics and functionalities from key manufacturers. Sediver supported TeK in this project by meeting the very stringent specifications. The insulators were required to fulfill the essential function of supporting a total weight of 100 metric tons.

Because of the extremely long span between the two suspension towers the ultimate breaking loads were set at 600 kN (suspension) and 1,060 kN (tension).