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Legal notices

In accordance with article 6 of law n° 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 concerning confidence in the digital economy, the identity of the different entities involved in producing and maintaining our website are :

  • Company name: SEDIVER
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  • RCS registration number: RCS Nanterre 542 035 761
  • Share capital: 29 472 419,69 €
  • VAT number: FR 71 542 035 761
  • Site publication manager: Carine LOUIS
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Terms of use

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General information

This site has been prepared solely for the purposes of providing information about SEVES Group S.à r.l. (registered office at 10 Rue Antoine Jans, L-1820, Luxembourg) and its subsidiaries.

The information contained in this site does not constitute a public offering or a contract proposal and is not intended to generate any form of trading or legal relationship between the user and SEVES Group S.à r.l. or another Group company. The information contained in this site is the responsibility of SEVES Group S.à r.l

Intellectual Property Rights

All the intellectual property rights relating to the content of this site are the property of the respective owners.
Use of the site does not grant any form of right or authority in this regard.


Unless otherwise indicated, all the copyrights in the material published on this site belong to SEVES Group S.à r.l..
The user may view, download or print content (text, graphics, information, etc.) solely for personal and not for commercial use.

The user may not, without the prior written consent of SEVES Group S.à r.l., publish, copy (in either direct or indirect, temporary or permanent form), reproduce, transmit, disclose, translate, modify, upload, reformat, adapt or distribute such content.

SEVES Group S.à r.l. reserves the right to prosecute persons who commit any of the above acts or who violate any of the rights provided for by any applicable law.

Proprietary Rights

Proprietary rights, including registered trademarks, logos and confidential information, are protected by the relevant laws of the countries in which such rights have been obtained, acquired, registered or used. The owner of the rights granted by the above laws is SEVES Group S.à r.l. or other third parties.

SEVES Group S.à r.l. reserves the right to prosecute persons who use such rights without the consent of the owner in violation any applicable law.

Personal Data

SEVES complies with European regulation n° 2016/679, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) in forced since May 25th, 2018. SEVES adopts a Seves Group Web Personal Data Protection Policy ( SEVES provides the user with a copy and an ability to access, review, correct, delete, restrict or object to the processing of such data.

The user can exercise these rights by sending a postal letter or an email to SEVES Data Protection Responsible at the addresses below:

Data Protection Responsible
SEVES Group S.à r.l
10, rue Antoine Jans L-1820 Luxembourg

The user may report privacy complaints directly to their local privacy supervisory authority.

More info on our Privacy Policy Page.

Limitation of Liability

Given the merely informative and unofficial nature of the content of this site, Seves cannot guarantee that the material published on the site is valid or up-to-date and accepts no liability for any inaccuracies or omissions.
Any user who wishes to confirm the validity of the information or use it for anything other than personal use must request permission from SEVES Group S.à r.l., 10 Rue Antoine Jans, L-1820, Luxembourg, specifying the reason for the request. Seves may refuse such permission and its decision shall be final. Seves’ failure to respond is equivalent to a refusal of permission.

Use of the site takes place under the sole responsibility of the user. Seves accepts no liability for any loss or damage incurred by the user resulting from access to the site, use of the site, or the use or download of content (such as, for example, text, graphics, software of any kind, etc.).


Seves accepts no responsibility for the content of other sites linked to this web site. The use of sites accessible via links from the Seves site takes place under the sole responsibility of the user.

Information provided by the user

The user may not send messages, information and material covered by intellectual property rights or other rights to the Seves site via electronic mail or any other form of communication. Any such message, information or material may be freely used by Seves for any purpose whatsoever.


Seves reserves the right to revise these terms and conditions at any time. The user is bound by the published terms and conditions at the time they access the site and is therefore required to check such terms and conditions before continuing.

Disputes and applicable laws

By accessing or using the site, the user agrees that any dispute between the user and Seves will be subject to Luxembourg jurisdiction and will be brought before the competent court in Luxembourg, that it will be governed by Luxembourg law and that Seves may choose to submit the dispute to any other court of law or country of jurisdiction, as preferred.