Sediver Smart’R suite

Improve the reliability of your transmission lines

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« We have to run our network harder and longer »

Australian utility

Increasing challenges on the grid

With the development of urbanization, the ever-increasing demand and the electrification of our energy consumption, there is a growing and critical need to improve the reliability of transmission lines and secure the delivery of electricity.

Transmission lines service rate can be impacted by several factors:

  • Pollution
  • Corrosion
  • Aeolian vibration
  • And much more
  • And much more

Our predictive maintenance solution for « Smart » transmission lines

Sediver Smart’R Suite is Sediver’s digital predictive maintenance solution that helps you accurately assess the operating conditions of your transmission lines. It will allow you to:

  • Prevent incidents and reduce unscheduled outages
  • Anticipate and streamline your maintenance activities
  • Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership

The results

Higher service rate. Reduced total cost of ownership

How does it work?

Sediver Smart’R Suite sensors capture the conditions of your transmission line in real-time and transfer this data to a secured cloud, where the information is analyzed by our algorithms to provide an accurate risk assessment of your assets.

Your real-time, on-line “Alarm” cockpit gives you immediate visibility on the points at risk on network at any time, to define the appropriate maintenance intervention or warning information to your dispatch center.



    GSM data transmission

  • Analytical software plateform

    Analytical software plateform

    Proprietary algorithms
    secured data storage

  • Web user interface

    Web user interface

    Easy user access
    Real-time date restitution
    Visual reporting
    Alert notification