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Sediver toughened glass insulators for Distribution & Railway applications

Sediver toughened glass insulators for Distribution & Railway applications

Since 1955, Sediver has been a supplier of catenary insulators to many railway companies worldwide. As a proof of its good performance and reliable partnership, Sediver has been selected and qualified by S.N.C.F (France) as a supplier for the TGV – the French High-Speed railway – which imposes very stringent safety criteria and reliability requirements.


The top and strut insulators are of a rigid construction, comprising three or four toughened glass shells connected by intermediate metal fittings.

Feeder insulator

Top tube insulator

Strut tube insulator

Sediver studies and adapts its insulators and end fittings to each project specifications.

Sediver is a key partner in all insulation applications with more than 2 million insulators operating today on numerous railway networks with different applications and voltages such as :

  • 15 kV and 25 kV on AC systems
  • From 0.75 kV to 3 kV on DC systems

Distribution application (5 kV – 69 kV)

For the last 90 years, Sediver has been manufacturing glass insulators for low to medium voltage overhead systems.

Low voltage insulator range

Annealed glass insulators are used to insulate low voltage lines.

Dead-end – A22

Pin Type – VHC64

Main advantages

Rigid pin type toughened glass insulators are used for:

  • distribution lines with bare conductors (cross-section from 22 to 228 mm2)
  • insulated lines, reducing the electrical stresses in the insulating sheath of the cable

The insulators presented here below are the most commonly used.
For any specific needs, such as low voltage, please contact us.




Cap and pin toughened glass insulators are used in insulator strings, either suspension or tension. The design of the insulator and the number of units per string are defined according to the operating conditions.

Mechanical rating

  • 40 kN -IEC 11-
  • 70 kN to 120 kN -IEC 16-

Standard profile

Fog type profile