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Training program

Tailored training program

Sediver has developed some training programs to help you increase the skill level and knowledge of your teams, enhance safety, and develop your staff’s troubleshooting skills through competence development.

Our training programs are aimed at engineers, maintenance crews and personnel in charge of line operations.

They provide up-to-date technical expertise on existing industry standards, comparison between different insulator technologies, manufacturing processes, handling and installation of insulators and how to monitor their performance over the course of service time in the field. A customized training will increase the capability of your team to rapidly and efficiently make decision in any situation, hence improving the operational efficiency of your transmission system.

In addition to hands-on courses at our Saint-Yorre Research Center in France or in our factories, our training sessions can also be conducted on-site at your location.

Interested by tailor-made training?

Contact us and we will define together the topics and duration of your training according to your objectives.

  • Design
  • Handling
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring