2012-2016 Rio Madeira I & II | Brazil

The world’s longest HVDC link ever built

Challenge: connect renewable energy generated far away from consumption centers

Rio Madeira project is one of the biggest transmission projects in the world, delivering 6300MW along the Porto Velho and Araracoara stations. The 2,500 km long high voltage DC transmission line connects two new hydropower plants in northwest Brazil with Sao Paulo, the country’s main economic center on the east coast. Two independent HVDC schemes were constructed, each one with a different engineering consortium. This is the 2nd power link in Brazil using 600 kV HVDC transmission.

What we delivered: transmission line design expertise and highest insulation reliability

Our 70 years expertise in the field across the world, allowed us to support the customers upstream in the design of the insulator strings in order to significantly optimize the tower design. We delivered reliable long distance asynchronous networks, minimizing electricity losses with more than 500,000 glass insulators.

The good performance of Sediver toughened glass insulators has been easily monitored through simple visual inspection. The proven  average rate of less than 0,32/10.000/year is confirmed by the customer who confirm good service and good delivery of insulators carried out by Sediver.