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The 2019 INMR WORLD CONGRESS that token place in Tucson, Arizona from Oct. 20-23, 2019 was the 14th such Conference & Exhibition.
During this event our scientific director Jean-Marie George and our commercial area manager North America presented three technical conferences to the public.

Jean-Marie George – Specifying RTV Silicone Coatings for Overhead Transmission Lines Assessment

While CIGRE is currently working on providing a technical brochure offering detailed guidelines for coatings and coated applications through B2 69 activities, Sediver from its own experience based on decades of monitoring and supply of coated insulators, can contribute to the debate. Various materials have been screened in our Research Center in Saint Yorre, France and permanent monitoring of coated insulators installed around the world provide and excellent validation of the choices which are being made in our development programs.

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Ron Duckstein – Evaluation of field returned insulators from u.s. grid through laboratory tests

Sediver has established in the USA an assembly factory for glass insulators in 2017 but also, and perhaps more interesting for some engineers, a laboratory capable of performing all the tests required by the world’s standards. Large test campaigns have already been conducted in this laboratory for numerous north american utilities from East Coast to West Coast and some of the work is reported in this paper.

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Jean-Marie George – Digital Solution for Transmission Line Risk

Innovative techniques for real time evaluation of the condition of a string of insulators are now possible thanks to smart insulators capable to communicate in real time their pollution condition. This paper will describe various aspects of this IoT technology where the insulator itself produces a diagnostic. Instead of measuring the level of contaminants through physical sampling on a string, this development will concentrate directly on the impact of the environment on the performance of the string by measuring the actual leakage current. Using wireless communication technologies, the data is transferred to a dedicated server where the information will be analysed and presented to the end user with a diagnostic of the actual risk of having a pollution related flashover. Such processes imply a detailed knowledge of the signature of each type of insulator in terms of leakage current since threshold values depend upon shape and profile.

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Jean Marie GEORGE won a special discernement price

Marvin Zimmermann (INMR Director) give an award Claude de Tourreuil: A recognition of Jean Marie’s contribution to the T&D industry for lifetime achievement in Insulators

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