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Global Recycling day

Today, we are celebrating the Global Recycling Day. Let’s share more information about the “recycling value” of glass insulators.

Recyclability is one of the key topics we consider in our manufacturing process from the beginning to the end-of-life of our products.

During our manufacturing process

We improve our manufacturing process to:

  • Reduce the weight of our caps by 10-15%,
  • Use more than 25% of recycled glass.
  • Use 50% of recycled metals to manufacture our caps, pins and split pins

At the end-of-life of our insulators

Sediver glass insulators will stay on service for more than 50 years. AT the end of their life, they can be entirely reused:

  • Glass is 100% recyclable through the glass manufacturing industry
  • Caps, pins and split pins are 100% recyclable through steelworks
  • Cement is 100% reusable in road construction

During all their lifespan Sediver® Toughened Glass insulators have the unique ability to resist the effects of time and the elements with no degradation of their performance. Moreover, they are safe to work with for the linemen and, at the end, are recyclable. Our Toughened Glass insulators are the safer and more sustainable choice for your T&D overhead line insulation system.

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