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Packing & Handling of Toughened Glass Insulators

Reinforced and optimized packing

The packing and palletizing methods used by Sediver® result from the experience gained from the shipment of hundreds of millions of toughened glass insulators to users’ warehouses and construction sites in 150 countries as well as from extensive tests performed by packing research organizations. The packing methods described and illustrated below have been developed expressly to minimize any possible damage during shipment and storage. The wood used for packing is either standard or treated according to country regulations or/and customer specification.

Strengthened packing

Factory-assembled strings of Sediver® insulators are packed in wooden crates, which are reinforced and held closed by external wire bindings. A crate is shown here in the open position and is internally braced to permit stacking.

Easy to open

External wire bindings are designed to keep crates firmly closed, and to allow easy and quick opening at time of installation with no need for special tools.

Maximum protection

Crates are evenly stacked on a sturdy four-way wooden pallet. This assembly is held tightly in place with either steel or plastic bands and is protected against moisture by a complete covering of polyethylene film.

Clear labelling

Each wooden pallet is clearly labeled with all quality control and traceability information.

Handling of TGI

The toughening process used for SEDIVER glass insulators provides good and permanent thermal and mechanical properties. The glass insulators are tough, not fragile and allow for rough handling during the installation.

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For Sedicoat (RTV silicone coated toughened glass insulators) there are specific packing and handling recommendation to avoid damaging the silicone coating. Don’t hesitate to come back to us for more details.

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